original PRR ad from the F. J. Payne collection

Riding the Rails

The rails have a long history of premier luxury service. In fact, it was a train company that originated the “red carpet,” by rolling one out for their disembarking passengers. Fittingly, our train maintains a high level of sumptuous service. You’ll be pampered, spoiled, and wined and dined in your once-in-a-lifetime experience of stepping back to the grandeur of rail in its golden age.

What was once the fastest way to travel is now prized more for its comfort and stress-free experience. Settle into the lush post-modern upholstery. Bring as much luggage as you wish. Gaze out the picture windows at passing scenery. Nap in your private room or socialize in the lounge. For business functions, our train offers quality uninterrupted time, in a setting you can be sure your clients have never before experienced, perhaps on your way to a special destination such as the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, or the Kentucky Derby. 

Private rail travel on our train provides an escape like no other. Step aboard to the sounds of the Glenn Miller Orchestra playing the “Chattanooga Choo Choo.” Peruse a 1950 Life magazine on a side table, as a white-jacketed and gloved porter presents the classic cocktails of the era on a silver tray. Any travel experience you imagine we can make your personal reality.

For your next trip, skip the security lines. Bring as much luggage as you wish. Get comfortable in a spacious lounge environment, as you make your way past scenic countryside, mountains, rivers and lakes. The life experience that a ride on our train provides is truly priceless.